Easy DIY Christmas Decoration: Evergreen Stars

DIY Christmas Decoration: Evergreen Stars


As the weather has been horrible this weekend, I decided to start a little DIY Christmas decoration project: evergreen stars. I still had a golden star frame I didn’t know what to do with, so went to the craft store on Saturday to buy some wire and gathered a variety of evergreens from my garden: juniper, yew, thuja and myrtle. You can also use rosemary, thyme, holly or ivy.

After copying the golden star frame with the craft wire, I started wrapping my evergreen branches around them. To add a little pop of colour, I decided to bind a red Froebel star to both of my evergreen stars. I absolutely love folding Froebel stars, I usually get addicted to making them at the end of November and don’t stop until after Christmas…yes, I have tons of them.


Evergreen star materials

What you need:

  • a selection of small evergreen branches*
  • a wire frame
  • wrapping wire
  • scissors
  • optional to make individual frames: craft wire + wire cutter
  • decoration (I used red Froebel stars)

Please note: Many of those evergreens are a little difficult to handle. Some of them are poisonous, others have thorns. Please take care and use gloves if needed!

The first thing you want to do is prepare a starting point: Take your wrapping wire, hold the end to the frame and wrap it around for a couple of times until it holds tight. Place a bundle of branches onto the frame and wrap your wrapping wire tightly around it – don’t cut the wire. Take the next bunch and place it partly overlapping the first one, so it covers the ends and the wrapping wire. You can layer different types of evergreens to make it look more interesting. Continue to add layers of evergreens until you reach your starting point.


Evergreen stars


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