Christmas Gift Guide for People Who Already Have Everything

Christmas Gift Guide for People Who Already Have Everything

As Christmas is getting closer (I know it’s actually still November, but who doesn’t like to be prepared early?), I have already started looking for gifts for my family and friends. And there are those special people in our lives that already have everything, don’t want anything and you simply have no clue whatsoever what you could possibly make them happy with, right?

Don’t worry, I got you covered! For the past years, I have compiled a list of gift ideas that usually helps me to find something for everybody and safes me from buying vouchers or gift baskets. The keywords are quite general, but I think this makes it easier to get some inspiration and lead you to something specific you can find in the area you live in. I tried to arrange them into categories instead of putting them into a huge list, but of course that doesn’t mean that you need to stick to them. Here you go:

Parents, family and in-laws:

  • Quick DIYs: scented candles, handmade decoration (paper stars, painted candle holders or a personal hand-lettered message)
  • a framed photograph of yourself with that family member
  • store-bought seasonal candles
  • wall calendars
  • colouring books + pencils (also for adults!)
  • assorted herbs
  • unusual spice blends
  • high quality water/wine/ glasses or beer mugs


  • assorted teas
  • board games
  • reusable coffee cups
  • framed photographs of moments you shared
  • printed cushions


  • anything related to cats/dogs: earrings, shirts, bags, purses
  • makeup bags
  • hand warmers
  • LUSH bath bombs, bubble baths or bath oils
  • comfy onesies


  • game/movie merchandise: shirts, figures
  • scratch-off world maps
  • LUSH shower jellies
  • see “gifts for techies” 😉


  • portable power banks
  • Bluetooth keyboards
  • Bluetooth speakers
  • phone desk holders/stents
  • in-car phone mounts
  • phone cases

Creative people:

  • masking tape
  • notebooks
  • cute sticky notes
  • unique pencils
  • stamps and ink pads
  • DIY boxes

Sport lovers:

  • phone armbands
  • waist bags (for runners)
  • printed sport tights

Keep in mind that Christmas is not all about the gifts, it’s about showing each other how much you love them.

Hope this helps! (*^‿^*)



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