Winter DIY: Fairy Lights

Winter DIY: Fairy Lights

Hey, I hope you had a good start into the New Year! As it seems, 2017 is starting with fundamental change for many people. With all the Christmas decorations gone, I felt the need to bring a little light back into this dark month of January. These cute fairy lights are very easy to make and add a little brightness to these cold winter days.

Winter DIY: Fairy Lights

What you need

  • white LED string lights (CAREFUL: DO NOT use string lights that might get hot!)
  • about 1.5m / 80″ white tulle fabric
  • pink satin ribbon (3mm / 1/8″)
  • scissors
  • a sheet of paper
  • 4 pins

Winter DIY: Fairy Lights


Step 1:

Take your scissors and cut a circle (about 15cm / 6″) out of your sheet of paper. Place your white tulle on the ground and pin the paper circle to the fabric. Cut around the circle and remove the paper from the fabric. Repeat until you have one tulle circle for every LED light.

Step 2:

Fold your tulle circles in the middle to get a half circle, and again to get a triangle. Take your scissors and cut a teeny-tiny bit off the top – not more than 1mm / 0.04″!

Step 3:

Cut as many 10 cm / 4″ pieces from your ribbon as there are lights on the string.

Step 4:

Put the LED lights through the tiny holes in your tulle circles, adjust them and tie a knot with your ribbon pieces.

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