Winter DIY: Snow Lights

Winter DIY 2: Snow Lights

Bringing light into the New Year, part 2!

Just as many of my friends and colleagues at the moment, I managed to catch the flu last week….however, the world events didn’t just pass me by. I don’t want to state any political opinion here, but I thought that these snow lanterns might bring a little bit of brightness back to our lives.

I actually found the idea for this DIY in the German magazine “Landlust” (January / February 2017), a rural lifestyle magazine. The beautiful thing about these snow lights is that after preparing the glass containers, you can basically watch the “ice crystals” grow every day.

Winter DIY 2: Snow Lights

What you need:

  • glass containers (I would recommend to choose a variety of different shapes, as I noticed that some containers worked a lot better than others)
  • sea salt
  • water
  • decoration

Step 1:

Fill the glass containers about 1cm / 0.4” with sea salt.

Step 2:

Pour a tiny bit of water into the containers, just enough to keep the salt moist.

Step 3:

Place the containers near a heater and watch as the salt crystals crawl up the inside walls. Add a little bit of water as soon as the process slows down. Repeat until your snow lights look ready!

Step 4:

Decorate! I cut off a couple of branches from various types of evergreens from my garden and took my glue gun and linen cord to attach them to my snow lights.

Winter DIY 2: Snow Lights

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