Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms

How do you know that spring has finally arrived? The trees are flowering! It’s one of my favourite times of the year; I love to see all those colourful spots appearing everywhere. And that sweet smell!

I’ve wanted to visit Schwetzingen Palace Gardens (located in Southern Germany) during the cherry blossom season for years. Last Sunday, I finally decided to grab my camera and fight my way through the long lines and crowds of people. The place is gorgeous and buzzing with tourists throughout the whole year, but the flowering Japanese cherry trees attract an especially large number of visitors.

Cherry Blossoms

However, after finally arriving at their fruit garden, I was absolutely overwhelmed by the sight of the beautiful Japanese cherry trees in full bloom. Schwetzingen Palace Gardens has one of the largest collections of sakura trees outside of Japan. Their soft and subtle smell filled the air and I couldn’t stop admiring the delicate pink flowers. On a more melancholy note, they also always remind me of how fragile and short our lives are.

As it was quite a windy day, every time the wind rose, hundreds of pink flower petals flew off the trees and through the air like snowflakes – a mesmerizing sight! I ran around the garden and took photos like a paparazzi, so please enjoy this little selection of the hundreds of pictures I took that day:

Next year, I’m planning to prepare a picnic and spend a whole day there to really appreciate this precious and fleeting beauty.

Cherry Blossoms at Schwetzingen Palace Gardens

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