10 Tips for Dealing with a Bad Day

10 Tips for Dealing with a Bad Day

Like me, I’m sure that many of you experience days on which you do not feel your best. Sometimes, we worry about things that we cannot change, other times we are disappointed in someone or suffer from anxiety. I know that there is no general remedy for bad days and I’m definitely not a psychologist, but as I have experienced a particularly bad day myself recently, I thought I might turn this experience into something positive. So, I compiled a list of ideas that might turn a bad day into a…well…not-so-bad day!

So, let’s take a deep breath and take a look at what we can do to turn a bad day around! Continue reading

Stationery Haul

Hey everyone! In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling the need to re-organise my work space. As I’m working full-time and try to publish at least one blog post per week, I wanted to get a couple of new items to get my life and blogging adventure in order. I decided to buy a couple of notebooks to carry around with me that I could use to write down spontaneous thoughts and ideas for future blog posts as well as a bigger planner to leave at home to “bring everything together”. Continue reading

Bless this Mess – Thoughts

Bless this mess

Hey everyone! A couple of weeks ago I played a game called “Night in the Woods”. It’s a 2D adventure game in which the player controls college dropout Mae, who returns to her provincial home city to find that many things have changed during her absence. Mae tries to reconnect with her friends, but finds it difficult as they have grown apart from her. Then, strange and mysterious things start to happen…

Next to its wonderful writing, I absolutely adored the art design in “Night in the Woods”. All characters are animals (Mae is a cat, for example) and the colours and atmosphere are absolutely beautiful. One random thing that really stuck with me was a piece of art hanging in Mae’s home, saying “Bless this Mess”. This quote somehow immediately spoke to me…I even googled the quote and found out that it’s actually quite popular. Continue reading

Unicorn Ice Cream

Unicorn ice cream

I have to admit that I really enjoy the unicorn trend at the moment. If there’s a unicorn on a product package, I’ll probably buy it. Do I think it’s immature? No, I just enjoy filling my life with cute and positive things. So, as the weather has been quite grey here in the past weeks, I just had to try out this colourful and fun recipe! It’s a simple and quick vanilla ice cream recipe with a glittery rainbow twist 🙂

So, on to the recipe!

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