Bless this Mess – Thoughts

Bless this mess

Hey everyone! A couple of weeks ago I played a game called “Night in the Woods”. It’s a 2D adventure game in which the player controls college dropout Mae, who returns to her provincial home city to find that many things have changed during her absence. Mae tries to reconnect with her friends, but finds it difficult as they have grown apart from her. Then, strange and mysterious things start to happen…

Next to its wonderful writing, I absolutely adored the art design in “Night in the Woods”. All characters are animals (Mae is a cat, for example) and the colours and atmosphere are absolutely beautiful. One random thing that really stuck with me was a piece of art hanging in Mae’s home, saying “Bless this Mess”. This quote somehow immediately spoke to me…I even googled the quote and found out that it’s actually quite popular.

Still wondering why this quote stuck with me, I decided to create my own little piece of art (well, “art” in its broadest sense) around it last weekend. While working on the piece you can see above, I realised that what fascinated me about this quote was that it’s basically saying “it’s okay not to be perfect”.

As a recovering perfectionist, it’s still hard for me to accept things that are not 110% as I want them to be. In the past, this often left me feeling inadequate and frustrated – nothing was good enough. The process of leaving perfectionism behind is quite liberating and I’m already so much happier and more relaxed now.

I think it’s all about acceptance. Accepting that nobody is perfect and neither am I, but everybody is entitled to be happy. Of course you shouldn’t let neither your house nor your social life become an absolute chaotic mess, but what I surely realised is that happiness doesn’t depend on perfection.

On another note: I’m obviously not an artist, but I enjoy drawing and have been trying to improve my skills over the last couple of weeks. As this quote and the drawing process inspired me so much, I’m thinking of starting a little series around this concept: Art & Thoughts. What do you think?

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