Stationery Haul

Hey everyone! In the last couple of weeks, I’ve been feeling the need to re-organise my work space. As I’m working full-time and try to publish at least one blog post per week, I wanted to get a couple of new items to get my life and blogging adventure in order. I decided to buy a couple of notebooks to carry around with me that I could use to write down spontaneous thoughts and ideas for future blog posts as well as a bigger planner to leave at home to “bring everything together”.

I’m a huge fan of cute stationery, so I decided to pay a visit to my local art supplies shop and well…went on a little splurge. To my defence, all those cute patterns and colours motivate and inspire me to be creative – and simply make me happy 🙂

Most of the items I bought are from a German company called Rico Design. They make the cutest stationery! And no I did NOT buy all of this stuff in one go…I went there…twice! IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!!

So, here is what I got:

Stationery Haul

  1. agenda: a calendar containing 17 months (starting in August this year, I can’t wait!), 2 sheets of stickers, a birthday calendar and loads of little illustrations. This was by far the most expensive item on the list.
  2. unicorn highlighters: just simple highlighters, you know I had to buy them because of the unicorn on the packaging ;D
  3. “black cats” notebook: one of the smaller notebooks I bought to carry around with me, lined paper
  4. small notebooks: I will probably never use these, they are simply too cute!
  5. pencils: matching the notebooks
  6. stickers: never too old for stickers!
  7. wooden pins: they have little labels attached to them saying “to do!”, “done”, “remember” and “don’t forget”
  8. polka-dotted notebook: another small notebook to carry around with me
  9. ring-binder notebook: this is a bigger notebook with plain pages – perfect to keep on my desk to plan my blog posts!
  10. sticky notes: I use tons of these!
  11. masking tape: I’m planning to use these in a couple of future DIY projects

Stationery Haul

I also bought these two fabrics, also from Rico Design. Not exactly stationery, but I just had to get them! They are so summery and cute! I’m still thinking about what I could do with them, perhaps a little bag or a purse?

Stationery Haul


Are you also obsessed with stationery? Which are your favourite brands? 🙂


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