New Blog Design


First of all, I want to apologize that I don’t have a main blog post this Wednesday. I’ve been feeling really tired the past few days and simply didn’t have the energy to do anything else but watch series or practice a little calligraphy. I really need to take better care of my sleeping patterns and get back to exercising every day (I’ve been slacking off…).

What I DID do today – as you might have noticed – was changing my blog’s design. I’ve been feeling the need to change it for a couple of weeks now, because I wanted it look less cute and girly and more grown-up. After placing the last widget, I have to say that I’m quite happy with it. I still really need a new text for my “About” page…something witty…

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Weekly recap #3: Basel, Wonder Woman and World War II

Basel, SwitzerlandHi everyone! I’m sitting on the train back from Basel while writing my weekly recap post. As you know, my boyfriend usually visits me in Heidelberg every weekend, as it is simply much more expensive for me to visit him in Switzerland. However, from time to time (about every two months) I hop on a train (or into my car) to visit him at home and to see his family. This weekend, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary in Basel.

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The Lottery Tag

The Lottery Tag

The wonderful Janah has nominated me for the Lottery Tag! Thank you for thinking of me, I’m happy to be one of the first bloggers to participate in this tag. Click here to read Janah’s post!

The Lottery Tag was created only two weeks ago by Natalie Vinh, you can click here to read the original post!

Here is a quick synopsis of the tag:

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Pool Day Essentials

Pool Day Essentials

As soon as the temperature hits 30°C, I’m off to the pool! It’s simply the most relaxing place to be when it’s too hot to do anything. You can lay on your towel, read a book, snack on some fruit and simply soak in the positive energy there. Going to the pool is often a spontaneous decision, so I’ve created a list of my most important pool bag items that I wanted to share with you! Continue reading

25 Random Facts About Me

Hey everyone! I decided to make this blog a little more personal. I noticed that I really enjoy reading personal posts, but rarely talk about myself here! I thought about sharing my monthly favourites or weekend recaps (in case something special happens – my life is actually quite boring…). I find it difficult to open up to strangers, but I’ll do my best to give this blog more of a personal touch!

Although I still probably won’t turn it into a diary, I thought I might start with a couple of random facts about myself! Continue reading