Weekly Recap #1

Happy Sunday everyone! As I mentioned in my last post, I want my blog to become more personal. So, I decided to start a “Weekly Recap” series, in which I plan to ramble about everything that happened in the previous week, so you guys can get to know me a little better

Double rainbow
On Tuesday, this amazing double rainbow appeared right outside my window after a huge thunderstorm. It was incredibly bright and absolutely beautiful!

Double Rainbow

Taking a Shetland Pony for a walk
One of my personal highlights this week! A friend of mine recently bought a horse and invited me to visit the pasture where she keeps her. It’s a beautiful and peaceful piece of land in the middle of a pristine forest – a little piece of paradise. Her horse shares the pasture with another horse and a little, super cute Shetland Pony called “Lotte”. After showing me around, we went for a walk through the forest with Lotte, who loyally trotted behind us. It was a wonderful and peaceful evening that almost felt like a short holiday!

Shetland Pony

Weekend treats
As I gain weight quite easily, I normally try to eat as healthy as possible. On weekends, however, I often give in to temptation and eat whatever I want. Especially when my boyfriend is here – he can basically eat whatever he wants without having to worry about stepping on the scale the next day. I’m the worst cook, I really am, so he usually cooks for us when he’s here (according to him, we would die of starvation if I did the cooking…). This weekend, we decided to try a couple of recipes from a Swiss cookbook his grandparents gave me for my birthday:


Make-up from Japan
About a month ago, I ordered a handful of make-up products from Japan. I’ve always admired Asian beauty gurus with their flawless skin an natural eye make-up, so I decided to finally order a couple of products from the brand CANMAKE. I’m so excited to try out these goodies!


Swimming pool:
As soon as the thermometer hits 30°C, the chances are quite high that you can find me at the swimming pool. Not because I want to get tanned – I usually cover myself in a second skin of sunscreen! I just really enjoy reading, doodling, snacking on watermelon, occasionally jumping into the pool to cool down, or just closing my eyes and simply relaxing on my towel.

Cat Portrait

What did you do this weekend? My cats surely thought that 30°C were too hot to do anything!

17 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #1

  1. janahpinku says:

    What a wonderful weekend it must have been. The pony is so adorable.

    And wow, you got some Canmake items! Hope you like them. Please share with us what you think of the BB cream. Thanks Nina and have a lovely week ahead. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

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