Pool Day Essentials

Pool Day Essentials

As soon as the temperature hits 30°C, I’m off to the pool! It’s simply the most relaxing place to be when it’s too hot to do anything. You can lay on your towel, read a book, snack on some fruit and simply soak in the positive energy there. Going to the pool is often a spontaneous decision, so I’ve created a list of my most important pool bag items that I wanted to share with you!

Pool Day Essentials

  1. Towel: Obviously the most important item!
  2. Bikini: My old Esprit bikini! It’s not the most fashionable piece, but it still looks okay I guess.
  3. Sunscreen: I usually apply it before I leave. However, I always take the bottle with me to reapply if necessary. I use kids/babies sunscreen, because the formula contains less harmful ingredients (at least I hope so…).
  4. Sunglasses: They make reading in the sun much easier!
  5. Books: At the moment I’m reading “The House of Silk” by Anthony Horowitz.
  6. Notebooks: I always carry a notebook with me to write down ideas or thoughts.
  7. Sketchbook: When I’m tired of reading, I love to do some quick sketches.
  8. Pencils: My favourite sketching pencils!
  9. Water: Water is the healthiest way to rehydrate when spending a day at the pool.
  10. Fruit: I always get hungry when I’m at the pool. As I cannot allow myself to eat fries and ice cream the whole day, snacking on fruit is the healthier option!

I’m really looking forward to summer and spending lazy days at the pool!

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