Weekly recap #3: Basel, Wonder Woman and World War II

Basel, SwitzerlandHi everyone! I’m sitting on the train back from Basel while writing my weekly recap post. As you know, my boyfriend usually visits me in Heidelberg every weekend, as it is simply much more expensive for me to visit him in Switzerland. However, from time to time (about every two months) I hop on a train (or into my car) to visit him at home and to see his family. This weekend, we celebrated our 2 year anniversary in Basel.

Sushi at Yooji’s

We started the day at a Yooji’s, a sushi bar right in the city centre. I had wanted to go there for quite some time, as they offer a couple of unusual sushi variations. The sushi was just as awesome as we had expected and I we tried to choose the most unconventional plates from the belt. We had spring roll sushi, for example, or an inside-out roll filled with watermelon, feta, melissa and arugula.

Basel, Switzerland

Wonder Woman

Well, were do I start…first, let me say that we both really enjoyed the film. Gal Gadot is breathtakingly beautiful and incredibly talented. The story is very well written and all the supporting characters are portrayed as individuals that add narrative depth to the plot. However, the film also shows some very realistic scenes of World War II. I hadn’t watched any trailer before, so I did not expect how much the film would move me. I was swept off my feet and almost cried several times during the film. After we had left the cinema, we had to walk around the city for about an hour until I had finally calmed down. Let me try to explain why I usually try to avoid films about World War II…

Some thoughts on World War II

Growing up in Germany, World War II is of course a topic that still is burned into the memory of the first and second post-war generation. At school, the topic is taught very comprehensively and incorporated into almost every subject: history, social studies, religious education, German and English. You basically analyse what happened from every possible angle. Unfortunately, most of the eyewitnesses have already died, but I was in the lucky (yes, I dare say that) position to hear my grandmother’s stories, who had witnessed the war in all its brutality.

My parents both worked full-time when I was little, so I basically grew up with my grandmother. She fled from the very northern border of Germany (near Poland) with her mother and her 5 year-old daughter to Heidelberg after her first husband was killed in France and the Russian army invaded her home town. I grew up with her stories about the horrors of the war, the hunger, the cold, the fleas and the brutality of mankind. She died when I was 22. She’s still the greatest person I have ever met and I will honour her memory and love her until I die.

Basel, Switzerland

Basel – city centre

I took most of these pictures while walking through the city after we had left the cinema. Basel is one of the largest cities in Switzerland and located right at the border to Germany. As a border town, Basel is characterised by a quite colourful and multi-ethnic community. The city offers typical Swiss architecture and all the stores and restaurants you could possibly wish for. An absolute highlight is the river Rhine, which originates in the Alps and runs all the way to the North sea.

Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

Sunset at the river bank

After I had finally calmed down, we grabbed something to eat and went down to the river bank, were we sat and watched the sunset. The sky changed its colour every minute and I took about a hundred pictures of the beautiful scenery.

Sunset at the river bank - Basel, Switzerland

How do I pay my trips to Switzerland?

As you might know, the prices in Switzerland are quite high in comparison to other countries. Compared to Germany, you can usually say that everything is twice as expensive. Wonder Woman 3D for example cost us CHF50 (~€46) + medium popcorn CHF8 (~€7), whereas we would have paid around 25€ for the film in Germany + 5€ for a medium popcorn. I’m usually very careful about spending money and always try to save a couple of Euros here and there, so I won’t have to worry too much about the prices in Switzerland. I would never want my boyfriend to pay for everything while I’m there.

So, now I’m going to catch up with your posts! See you soon 🙂

20 thoughts on “Weekly recap #3: Basel, Wonder Woman and World War II

  1. Linda says:

    You live in the most magical city. Your photos are stunning! I have severe location envy! And you have just given me a much needed reminder to watch Wonder Woman! I have been meaning to for such a long while now!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. branlynn86 says:

    Looks like you had a blast. I loved your photos.
    I’ve never had sushi. Been kind of skeptical to try it for some reason. I think the whole „raw“ fish thing, scares me?

    Liked by 1 person

    • comfykittea says:

      I completely understand that! A friend of mine only eats veggie sushi because she’s afraid of anything that might hide itself in raw fish ;D…however, as far as I know it’s quite rare and most sushi restaurants are very careful not to ruin their business with bad hygiene 🙂


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