June 2017: Wrap-Up and Favourites

Basel, Switzerland

Can you believe that the year is already half over? June flew by way too quickly and was filled with lovely days and wonderful experiences. Also, my summer holiday is approaching! It’s time for my first monthly favourite post, so let’s take a look at my personal highlights 🙂

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker + The House of Silk, Anthony Horowitz

“The House of Silk” by Anthony Horowitz

Ever since reading my first Sherlock Holmes novel as a teenager, I’ve been a huge fan of the famous private detective. I used to buy the original English versions in a small second hand book shop in Heidelberg. Reading through those old books with their yellowed pages made the stories all the more real. As far as I remember, I read each and every Sherlock Holmes novel and short story by Arthur Conan Doyle. You can imagine how sceptical I was when I saw that Anthony Horowitz has decided to add another novel to the canon: “The House of Silk”. After avoiding the book for years, I finally decided to give it a chance. And – surprisingly – I wasn’t disappointed! Horowitz gets very close to Doyle’s original style and it was a very enjoyable read. Faithful to the characters, thrilling and mysterious.
Horowitz has published another Holmes novel in the meantime, “Moriarty”, which I am very curious about!

The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (Wii U)

An adorably cute GameCube remake with improved graphics and a timeless art style. You can sail the seas, explore a number of islands and save your sister who has been kidnapped by a giant monster bird. Am I too old for this? I don’t think I’ll ever be.

Pool Day Essentials

Pool days

June was incredibly hot in Germany, so we mostly spent our free time at the pool, reading, doodling and snacking on watermelon and ice cream. I love pool days, especially as the hot weather is a perfect excuse to do nothing but relax on your towel ;D

Infused Water

Infused Water

I tried infused water after watching Joanna Soh’s video on YouTube about the health benefits of detox drinks and simply loved it. Since then, I’ve been preparing the drinks in the evening to take them to work the next day. They’re so delicious and make drinking enough water throughout the day as easy as pie! You can click here to watch Joanna’s Video.

Basel, Switzerland

Sushi and Wonder Woman in Basel

Visiting my boyfriend in Switzerland always feels like a mini break – time simply seems to run much slower while I’m there. We spent a wonderful (and slightly emotional) weekend in Basel, walking around the city and watching Wonder Woman. And oh that sushi restaurant…I was in heaven! I’m still dreaming of the tuna donburi and the summer roll sushi…


Canmake products

After waiting for a month for them to arrive from Japan, I was pretty excited to finally try them out. I especially love the eyeshadow, it absolutely met my expectations and I’ve been wearing it almost every day. I was asked write a review, which I plan to post next week!

Shetland Pony

Meeting Lotte, the Shetland Pony

One of my personal highlights was definitely meeting Lotte, my friend’s Shetland Pony. I still can’t stop talking about her tiny hooves and wild mane. I can’t wait to visit her again!

See you soon 🙂

21 thoughts on “June 2017: Wrap-Up and Favourites

  1. MadKatter says:

    Well I love everything about this post. You had my heart at Windwaker….And definitely had me with that pony!!! Omg so cute!!

    Also…Never too old for Zelda! I sadly have misplaced my giant Wii U game pad. How does that happen? I have tried and tried to find it 😦 it’s still awol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • comfykittea says:

      Noooooo! What a loss! I hope you’ll find it again!! Wind Waker is such a cute game ❤
      I hope I can visit Lotte again soon, so can take a ton of pictures of her and share them 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by love ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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