Weekly Recap #6: Game of Thrones, Sushi-to-go and a Ride Through the Forest

Hi everyone! Another week has passed and I can’t believe it’s already mid August! September and October, my favourite months, are right around the corner. I had a pretty busy week again and I still haven’t found back to my normal daily routine. Over the past months, it has been difficult for me to find some time to relax, to read or simply watch a series or film – even during our holidays. I really need to take better care of myself and to learn to say no…self-care is so important!

A ride through the forest

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Sintra #1: Palácio Nacional da Pena / Pena National Palace

While visiting my godmother in Lisbon, my cousin took us on a trip to Sintra, one of my favourite places in Portugal. It’s a very special place to me and I remember very well how impressed I was as a child when my parents took me there during our summer holidays. Sintra is a municipality in the Lisbon region and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The town is located on a mountain west of Lisbon and mostly famous for its romantic 19th century palaces, parks and its micro-climate, which is much more humid than in the surrounding area. Continue reading

Weekly Recap #5: Korean Skin Care, Hitting 200 Followers and Thoughts About My Blog

Weekly Recap #5

Happy Sunday everyone! How has your week been? Mine has been pretty rough, it was much harder than I expected to arrive back home on Sunday evening after being on the road for 3 weeks and to start work again on Monday morning. I’ve been feeling pretty tired and I’m actually quite happy about the rainy weather here today – the perfect excuse to wrap myself in a blanket and sip on a hot cup of tea. Continue reading

Aveiro: Beautiful Beaches and Candy-Striped Cottages

So, as promised I’m starting a little travel series about our last holiday. I’ve decided to only share the most special places, as I don’t want to bore you with every little rock and tree we saw.

Let’s start with Aveiro, a beautiful city on northern the coast of Portugal. As my family lives near Viseu in central Portugal (halfway between Porto and Coimbra), Aveiro is our place to go when we want to take a short trip to the sea. It’s a lovely, old seaport with colourful fisher boats bobbing on the canals that criss-cross the city and beautiful 19th century architecture. Continue reading

Hello August!

Hello everyone! I’m finally back home after my three-week road trip through Portugal and Switzerland. I can’t believe how much we have seen, from the beautiful beaches of Portugal to the spectacular mountains of the Bernese Highlands in Switzerland. We basically spent every single day outside and just went home to sleep. We didn’t even have time to read! However, I’m feeling both mentally and physically refreshed and ready to start my daily routine again. Continue reading