Aveiro: Beautiful Beaches and Candy-Striped Cottages

So, as promised I’m starting a little travel series about our last holiday. I’ve decided to only share the most special places, as I don’t want to bore you with every little rock and tree we saw.

Let’s start with Aveiro, a beautiful city on northern the coast of Portugal. As my family lives near Viseu in central Portugal (halfway between Porto and Coimbra), Aveiro is our place to go when we want to take a short trip to the sea. It’s a lovely, old seaport with colourful fisher boats bobbing on the canals that criss-cross the city and beautiful 19th century architecture.

Beaches: Praia da Barra and Praia da Costa Nova

Aveiro offers some of the most beautiful beaches in northern Portugal. They are clean, endless and relatively empty. The pictures you can see below (and above) were all taken at Praia da Barra and Praia da Costa Nova.

Unfortunately, a strong and quite cold wind blowing from the Atlantic made it impossible to go for a swim both times we visited the beach this year. However, it is nonetheless always relaxing and soothing to listen to the waves, no matter if the weather is perfect or not.

Candy-Striped Houses

The famous striped houses of Aveiro are located halfway between both beaches mentioned above. Next to the colourful houses, you can find a wonderful promenade to stroll along, souvenir shops and (sometimes quite pricy) restaurants.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit the picturesque city centre this year. If you are ever in the region, Aveiro is definitely worth a visit!

See you soon!

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