Weekly Recap #6: Game of Thrones, Sushi-to-go and a Ride Through the Forest

Hi everyone! Another week has passed and I can’t believe it’s already mid August! September and October, my favourite months, are right around the corner. I had a pretty busy week again and I still haven’t found back to my normal daily routine. Over the past months, it has been difficult for me to find some time to relax, to read or simply watch a series or film – even during our holidays. I really need to take better care of myself and to learn to say no…self-care is so important!

A ride through the forest

Do you still remember Lotte, the Shetland Pony? My friend, whose family owns Lotte and the other two horses on their pasture, invited me for a little ride through the forest on Thursday evening. I picked her and her two dogs up and we drove to the beautiful clearing on which they keep their horses.

Stupid me wasn’t careful enough and while petting my friend’s horse Sheila, she unintentionally stepped on my foot. After the pain had subsided, we started our little ride through the forest with me on Gonzo (their other horse) and Lotte in tow. The picture above is actually the only one I managed to take, as I was occupied with keeping Gonzo walking and stopping him from snacking on almost every tuft of grass or hazel bush we passed. Luckily, he’s such a calm and lazy horse that even I (with next-to-nothing experience) was able to ride him.

Unfortunately, Lotte will be sold soon. The other two horses do not accept her as part of the herd any more and ignore her or even push her away when she’s near them. Horses are social creatures and Lotte is visibly suffering in this situation. Although I was sad to hear the news, I think that my friend made the right decision to find her a home where she is happy and accepted by her fellow herd members.


Julius wasn’t sure whether he could visit me this weekend or not, so when he called me on Friday to tell me that he was on his way to the train station, you can imagine how happy I was. I’m a fan of celebrating the little things, so I decided to get us this awesome sushi box as well as edamame and gyoza at a “sushi-to-go” near my workplace. I especially loved the ones with algae and egg, as I hadn’t tried this type of sushi before.

Game of Thrones, Season 7

On Saturday, we visited one of my best friends to binge-watch the new episodes of Game of Thrones. We didn’t have the time to watch the new season right when it aired, so we had 5 episodes to catch up on. I don’t want to spoiler anyone, but I have to say that the new season is just as awesome as expected!

Do you watch Game of Thrones? What have you been up to this week?

9 thoughts on “Weekly Recap #6: Game of Thrones, Sushi-to-go and a Ride Through the Forest

  1. Hunida says:

    Those horses are so cute but I hope they didn’t hurt your feet too bad! Hopefully Lotte finds a new herd that accepts her so she can be happy. 😊

    That sushi looks amazing! I think I’m gonna have some tonight now. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

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