Sintra #2: Quinta da Regaleira

Our second stop in Sintra was the enigmatic Quinta da Regaleira. The summer residence of the Carvalho Monteiro family is locate directly below Pena National Palace and is surrounded by the most magical and mystical park.

Hidden between rocks an trees, we found the famous Initiation Well (“Poço Iniciático”), spiralling deep into the ground. I had seen it so many times on Pinterest and other websites, but seeing it with my own eyes still left quite an impression on me.

What really surprised us was that there are several tunnels leading from the bottom of the initiation well to grottos, lakes and other monuments in the park. Illuminated only by rope lights, the long and dark tunnels were pretty creepy.

Close to the Initiation Well, there is another one called “Unfinished Well” (“Poço Imperfeito”). Both wells were uses for initiation rites, but what exactly happened there, is still a mystery.

We speculated endlessly about what all those monuments with their mystical and mythological symbols might have been used for and what kind of ceremonies and rites were performed there. Unfortunately, we didn’t have time to visit the inside of the house as it was already quite late when we arrived there.

Look at how creepy the mansion looks…

All in all, we spent a wonderful day in Sintra and we will definitely return to discover more mystical palaces and beautiful parks!

See you soon!


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