Ballenberg: Swiss Open-Air Museum

Let me take you on a journey through the history of Switzerland! Surrounded by a spectacular mountain scenery, Ballenberg is a open-air museum located near Brienz in the Canton of Bern. The huge and beautifully landscaped park displays over 100 traditional rural Swiss houses from all over the country.

The houses – some of them dating back to the 14th century – were dismantled at their original location and then reconstructed in Ballenberg. Furnished with original objects, you can enter almost every building and see how people lived and worked in a certain period of time. Every house has its own style, from beautiful farmhouses with huge stables to humble huts and store houses.

Many of the crafting buildings, like watermills, a sawmill or a forge, are still operational and you can watch craftspeople work with traditional tools. Ballenberg is also home to a large number of farm animals that fill the museum with life. You can also buy the products that were produced there: cheese (really good!), pottery, sausages or bread.

There are four restaurants within the park, but we chose to eat the lunch we brought from home in one of the many picnic areas.

Ballenberg is so huge, it’s almost impossible to see every corner in just one day. We really enjoyed our visit and will definitely get back there someday!

Opening hours and Ticket Prices:

13 April 2017 to 31 October 2017
10 am to 5 pm daily

Adult day admission: 24 Fr.
Child day admission: 12 Fr.
Family day admission: 54 Fr.

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20 thoughts on “Ballenberg: Swiss Open-Air Museum

    • comfykittea says:

      Oh thank you so much for telling me, you are absolutely right! I have updated the post and added the opening hours, ticket prices and restaurants 🙂
      The rest rooms are actually quite interesting! They are located within several of the old houses and it was actually pretty interesting to see how they have adjusted our modern bathroom interior to the antique surroundings 🙂


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