DIY: Mini Tassel Garland

Happy Sunday everyone! Today I’m back with a little DIY: A mini tassel garland in autumnal colours. It’s a very easy and quick little project that adds a little autumnal charm to your room! Knowing how to make tassels also comes in quite handy, as they are such versatile little things and can be used in so many different ways.

What you need:

  • embroidery thread
  • fork
  • scissors
  • needle
  • cotton string

How to make mini tassels:

Step 1: Place a piece of embroidery thread between the first and the second tine of your fork

Step 2: Starting at the bottom tine, wrap the thread around the fork (the more you use, the thicker the tassel gets) and cut if off

Step 3: Tie a loose double knot in the strand from step 1

Step 4: Wrap a new piece of thread around your tassel between the first and the second tine and tie a tight knot

Step 5: Slide the tassel off your fork.Β To hide the the loose ends from step 4, take a needle, pull them through underneath the knot and cut them off

Step 6: Cut the loops and trim off the ends

Repeat until you have as many tassels as you want. Then, tie your little tassels to a cotton string…and you’re done!

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