300 Followers Q&A – The Answers

About two weeks ago, I asked you for your questions in my One Year Blogiversary & 300 Followers Q&A post – and here are my answers 🙂

Elsie LMC asked:
What is your favourite thing about blogging and is there anything you would change about blogging? – My favourite thing about blogging is definitely connecting to so many people from all around the world. The WordPress community is so positive and supporting, I’m so glad that I decided to start my blog here! And to be honest, I can’t think of anything I would want to change about blogging 🙂

Veronica M. asked:
What is one surprising thing you’ve learned from blogging? – One thing that really surprised me was how addicting it is. Once you start, you’ll never stop! 😀

It’s simply me, Jasmine asked:
Have you had a teacher in your life that’s made a good impact on you and your life? If so what did they do that was so great? – She wasn’t officially my “teacher”, but the person that taught me the most about life was my grandma.
Favourite animal and why? – Cats of course! I love cats! I have two kitties at home and I love them to bits. They are fluffy, cuddly and easy to take care of.
What do you love most about blogging? – Connecting to so many people from all around the world!
Favourite TV show and why? – At the moment, definitely Stranger Things. I love a good creepy story and this show just has a very special vibe to it.

Angela asked:
What’s your favourite blog post to write? – Recipes and DIYs are my favourite posts to write. Both require productive activities and taking photos for them is usually pretty easy.
What’s your favourite blog posts to read? – I love seasonal posts, whether they are recipes, hauls, DIYs or any other type of post.
Do you have any short/long term goals for your blogs? – To be honest, I don’t…for now, I just love being part of the WordPress community.
Finally, what’s your favourite food to bake? – Cinnamon rolls 🙂

Maddie asked:
Where do you get your inspiration for your posts from? – Pinterest is definitely a huge source of inspiration for me, I always find something I want to cook / bake / DIY there.
Did you design your little logo in the side bar? – The logo was designed by my boyfriend’s sister. She’s a hobbyist artist 🙂

Amielle asked:
If you could change your url, what would it be and why? – I would love to change my url to something more catchy, perhaps a 3-word phrase. There are so many great examples, but I just couldn’t think of one when I started my blog ;D
Who is your favorite blogger? – My favourite blogger at the moment is Tabi Bear from Busy Bee. I love her DIYs and her cute little doodles. She is is also very active on Instagram and manages several accounts that focus on different topics like photography or illustration.

Jessica Rose Blogs asked:
What made you start a blog? – I had been reading other people’s blogs for so many years and simply wanted to join the community. It’s a great hobby that inspires me to live a more active and fulfilling life 🙂

Janah asked:
What’s one place in the world that really touched your soul and made you feel free? – Thank you for this question, Janah, I thought about it for quite a while. First I wanted to say “when I stood on the top of mount so-and-so” or something like that. Then, on my yoga mat, I had a small epiphany: The place that really makes me feel free and that puts my heart at ease is exactly there, on my yoga mat. It’s not a very spectacular place, I hope you’re not disappointed 🙂

Thank you to everyone who participated in my little blogiversary Q&A!

See you soon!

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21 thoughts on “300 Followers Q&A – The Answers

  1. Bayance says:

    I loved reading this! Same here- I love the community and being a part of it. Ooh your yoga mat. That’s really interesting. I went to a yoga course for like 2 months and it was pretty relaxing.

    Liked by 1 person

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