Lush Christmas Haul 2017

I recently went Christmas shopping and guess what happened…drawn to the warm and spicy smell emanating from my local Lush store, I ended up buying a couple of presents for myself! To my defence, it was pretty cold and rainy and I was freezing…

I’m a huge bath-person in winter and I love to watch the bath bombs swirl and fizz in my bath water, creating van Gogh-like art in my tub. Most of them are new to me, so I’m pretty curious to try them out!

Christmas Sweater

A cute pink bath bomb decorated with two white reindeer. It smells warm and spicy, like cinnamon and ginger. After popping it into the bath water, it releases beautiful red, orange and yellow layers. I’ve heard great things about this one, so I’m very much looking forward to trying it out.

Star Light Star Bright

Silver glitter, silver glitter everywhere! This silver star dissolves into a colourful rainbow, creating a lavender-coloured, glittery heaven. It smells lemony and looks absolutely amazing 🙂
Also, I might end up looking like a glittery unicorn after this bath….

Golden Wonder

A little golden gift with a white ribbon. This bath bomb smells very fresh and orangey and creates blue bath water with a shimmer of gold.

The Snowman

I just couldn’t leave this cute little guy in the store. This “bubbleroon” – which basically means the same as “bubble bath” I guess – contains sheabutter and soy milk and turns your bath water white while creating heaps of “snowy” foam. It definitely smells less intense than other Lush products, slightly lemony and soapy.

Candy Mountain

How could I not buy a bubble bar called “Candy Mountain”? This pink and white little bubbler smells like cotton candy and vanilla. It turns your bath water pink and creates mountains of white, sugar-frosted peaks.

Shoot for the stars

While swirling around the bathtub, this blue little ball releases golden glitter and turns the water into a deep cobalt blue – like a starry night! The stars are bath melts, so it should also make you skin feel silky smooth. And it smells deliciously of honey…

As always, I’m going to share it on my Instagram stories every time I pop one of these little gems into the bath, if you’re interested!

See you soon 🙂

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