Lush Halloween Haul 2017

Happy Sunday! Halloween is only two weeks away and autumn vibes are in the air. At this time of the year, I usually get really excited about Lush’s Halloween and Christmas collections. I love those cute and creepy little bath bombs and bubble bars that create such a vibrant bath water and mountains of sweet-scented bubbles. So I went to my local Lush store last week to pick up some monsters, ghosts and pumpkins! Continue reading

Vegetarian Onion Tart

Every year in autumn, my grandmother used to bake her delicious onion tarts. We used to sit around her kitchen table and enjoy this savoury and cheesy goodness while sipping on a glass of “Federweisser”. Federweisser is a young and sweet white wine, sometimes closer to grape juice than wine, depending on the stage of fermentation (“Feder” = feather, “weisser” = the white one). Continue reading

10 things I love about autumn

1. Autumn walks: I love walking through the forest in autumn – the mossy and earthy smell, the colourful leaves and all the little mushrooms sprouting everywhere!

2. Pumpkin Spice Latte: It’s sweet, it’s packed with calories, and it’s absolutely delicious – one of my favourite seasonal drinks! Homemade pumpkin spiced latte was one of my first blog posts, I absolutely love it! Continue reading

A Swiss cheese fondue evening

What do we need on long, dark November evenings? Yes, comfort food of course! And what’s more comforting than melted cheese?

A Swiss cheese fondue evening

Swiss cheese fondue

Last weekend, we decided to buy a special cheese fondue mixture at the autumn fair in Basel, Switzerland. The mixture contains shredded Swiss cheese and beer (a regional beer brand called “Ueli Bier”). Classical cheese fondue contains 30-50% white wine (or beer), depending on the type of alcohol you use and your personal taste. However, you can also leave it out, it will still be delicious! Below you can find a list of ingredients for a classical Swiss cheese fondue:

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DIY: Autumn Candles

DIY: Autumn Candles

As autumn progresses and the weather is getting worse, my obsession with candles is celebrating a very successful comeback. I do not have many at home at the moment, so I went and took a look at all those beautiful autumn candles you can find at the shops now – and quickly realised that I did not want so spend 30€ on a (I have to admit quite pretty and nice-smelling) candle. Instead, I decided to pay a visit to the arts and crafts shop to buy wax flakes and candle wicks. As I still have leftover pumpkin pie spice, I thought that it might create a subtle, not too sweet smell. It turned out to be an easy DIY project that I want to share with you.

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Homemade Pumpkin Spiced Latte

pumpkin-spice-latte-3It’s finally autumn, my favourite season! There are sooo many things I love about it. I usually end up planning way too many recipes, DIYs and weekend activities. For weeks I have been looking forward to smelling pumpkin soup, roasted chestnuts and a – of course, as every year – I have been waiting for Starbucks to finally sell their amazing Pumpkin Spice Latte. Yes, it’s pricy and yes, it contains probably way more calories than necessary. But anyway, I just couldn’t be happier walking through the city in autumn than with this spicy, sweet and satisfying coffee.

This year, however, I finally decided to tackle the task of making it at home, as there is no Starbucks close to where I live. I have to admit that making it from scratch was more work than I had expected. It basically took the whole Saturday afternoon, but I have to say that it turned out delicious and tasted quite close to the original one. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the recipe!

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