DIY: Orange Peel Star Garland

Hey everyone! DIY Sunday is slowly becoming a thing, especially since the weather has been awful this weekend. It’s been raining for days now and you can feel that winter is just around the corner. I don’t like decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but this grey weather inspired me to bring a little early Christmas spirit to our home. Continue reading

Easy DIY Christmas Decoration Part 2: Hand-Painted Candle Holders

DIY Christmas Decoration: Hand-Painted Candle Holders

It’s already the second weekend in December and that special Christmas feeling is spreading warm in our tummies. Golden lights and the smell of mulled wine and waffles surround us on every trip to the city. But between all the baking and searching for presents, I think it’s important to find some time for ourselves and simply unwind. These painted candle holders are very easy and quick to make. You only need a couple of glass containers, gold acrylic paint and a small brush. They also make unique and very personal Christmas gifts!

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Christmas Gift Guide for People Who Already Have Everything

Christmas Gift Guide for People Who Already Have Everything

As Christmas is getting closer (I know it’s actually still November, but who doesn’t like to be prepared early?), I have already started looking for gifts for my family and friends. And there are those special people in our lives that already have everything, don’t want anything and you simply have no clue whatsoever what you could possibly make them happy with, right?

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Easy DIY Christmas Decoration: Evergreen Stars

DIY Christmas Decoration: Evergreen Stars


As the weather has been horrible this weekend, I decided to start a little DIY Christmas decoration project: evergreen stars. I still had a golden star frame I didn’t know what to do with, so went to the craft store on Saturday to buy some wire and gathered a variety of evergreens from my garden: juniper, yew, thuja and myrtle. You can also use rosemary, thyme, holly or ivy.

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