20 Tips for Getting Through The Winter Months

January is officially the most dreary and depressing month of the year. With the holidays behind us, getting through the cold and dark winter months can be tough. The short days and the lack of sunlight can affect our mood and even cause seasonal depression or anxiety (a.k.a. “winter blues”). I’ve compiled a list of ideas that might help you change your mindset and find things to enjoy when Christmas is over and you want to lighten up those bleak winter days. Continue reading

10 Tips for Dealing with a Bad Day

10 Tips for Dealing with a Bad Day

Like me, I’m sure that many of you experience days on which you do not feel your best. Sometimes, we worry about things that we cannot change, other times we are disappointed in someone or suffer from anxiety. I know that there is no general remedy for bad days and I’m definitely not a psychologist, but as I have experienced a particularly bad day myself recently, I thought I might turn this experience into something positive. So, I compiled a list of ideas that might turn a bad day into a…well…not-so-bad day!

So, let’s take a deep breath and take a look at what we can do to turn a bad day around! Continue reading

Things I am grateful for

Things I am grateful for

In the face of current world events, it is sometimes very difficult to keep a positive attitude towards our future. Additionally, our competitive society does its best to knock down our self-esteem by showing us how we should look and feel, what kind of clothes and make-up we should wear, and what kind of cars and electronic devices we should own. Considering this stressful context, it is very easy to feel overwhelmed nowadays. That is why it is all the more important to focus on the positive things we have in our life!

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