The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook: Butterbeer

Butterbeer! Ever since I read “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”, I’ve always wondered what the most famous magical beverage might taste like…sweet, warming, malty and comforting. J.K. Rowling has an incredible talent for describing everything food-related, from magical snacks and peculiar drinks to the most wonderful feasts in the Great Hall. However, butterbeer was definitely the one thing I’ve always wanted to try myself. Continue reading

20 Tips for Getting Through The Winter Months

January is officially the most dreary and depressing month of the year. With the holidays behind us, getting through the cold and dark winter months can be tough. The short days and the lack of sunlight can affect our mood and even cause seasonal depression or anxiety (a.k.a. “winter blues”). I’ve compiled a list of ideas that might help you change your mindset and find things to enjoy when Christmas is over and you want to lighten up those bleak winter days. Continue reading

DIY: Orange Peel Star Garland

Hey everyone! DIY Sunday is slowly becoming a thing, especially since the weather has been awful this weekend. It’s been raining for days now and you can feel that winter is just around the corner. I don’t like decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving, but this grey weather inspired me to bring a little early Christmas spirit to our home. Continue reading

Winter DIY: Snow Lights

Winter DIY 2: Snow Lights

Bringing light into the New Year, part 2!

Just as many of my friends and colleagues at the moment, I managed to catch the flu last week….however, the world events didn’t just pass me by. I don’t want to state any political opinion here, but I thought that these snow lanterns might bring a little bit of brightness back to our lives.

I actually found the idea for this DIY in the German magazine “Landlust” (January / February 2017), a rural lifestyle magazine. The beautiful thing about these snow lights is that after preparing the glass containers, you can basically watch the “ice crystals” grow every day.

Continue reading